Stuart Zukerman

I was originally referred to Rob Rees & Fusion by a former client of mine who advised me that he had received tremendous service and success in developing a marketing plan with Fusion that more than doubled his gross revenues over the course of two to three years of advertising & marketing with Fusion.  I met with Rob to discuss a potential marketing plan for my law firm. I was immediately struck by Rob’s enthusiasm, and depth of knowledge and media savvy strategies.  The Fusion team did a complete revamp of my website making it very attractive and mobile friendly and steadily increasing our monthly hits and click throughs and conversions over the past 2 years.

Rob has led me through a very successful radio campaign and further into TV ads and even getting my firm plastered across a 50-foot tractor trailer. He has negotiated advantageous advertising packages that have included me being interviewed bimonthly on radio and during Global News hour broadcasts in addition to my daily TV and radio ads thereby creating a brand recognition for my firm that has been highly successful.

The Fusion marketing campaign for my firm through media and the internet has been incredibly impactful with many new clients coming to us each week.  Our gross revenues in 2018 are projected to be close to double the revenues we had in 2017 and almost triple what we had in 2016 and we have grown from a 3-lawyer firm to a 9-lawyer firm over that period having to expand our office space twice during that time to accommodate the increased business.

Rob continues to impress me and remains an active partner in our ongoing advertising with Rob frequently making suggestions for new spots and marketing strategies as we grow.  I could not be happier and I highly recommend Rob Rees & Fusion to any company wanting to think outside the box and looking to expand through internet marketing and other media/digital advertising.