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Zukerman Law

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Zukerman Website
  • Client: Zukerman Law


Zukerman Law came to us in 2017  as their website was no longer sufficient for the business’s needs going forward as the previous site was outdated and lacked of the appropriate functionality. They also faced a challenge to further grow their client base, and consistently looked for an agency who can take care all of their marketing and PR needs to help them grow.

We completely redesigned their site and made it a fully responsive website. Because one of their goal was to generate more leads on their website, we added a call-to-action and contact form on every page to simplify the conversion process. Our team also put together a complete advertising plans and strategies for them to reaffirm their position as a professional and experienced law firm which included Radio, Television, Out-of-Home media, and Google Ads.

The number of leads has grown approximately 6% on average each month and the CPC has decreased approximately 36% over the past eight months. With additional pushes from Radio and TV commercials since the beginning of 2018, their organic traffic has improved over 80%, and the bounce rate has decreased by 18%.

Fusion provides our clients with an integrated marketing and advertising strategy combining focuses on Traditional media and Digital marketing to give our customers, such as Zukerman Law, the best results.

"The Fusion team did a complete revamp of my website making it very attractive and mobile friendly and steadily increasing our monthly hits and click throughs and conversions over the past 2 years. Rob has led me through a very successful radio campaign and further into TV ads and even getting my firm plastered across a 50-foot tractor trailer.I could not be happier and I highly recommend Rob Rees & Fusion to any company wanting to think outside the box and looking to expand through internet marketing and other media/digital advertising.”