Media Buying & Planning

Putting your business in the forefront of customers’ minds
means addressing them where they are the most receptive.

It is easy for both new and established businesses to see that media, in all forms, is a useful advertising tool. Data consumption is at an all time high, with users becoming more and more reliant on digital media. The majority of news, information and communication are all occurring through different media outlets. This type of convenience is great but it also means that a ton of information is being thrown around at any given time. Successful advertising campaigns use the digital resources available to reach potential clients and spread the word about your business. This is where an experienced media buyer is worth their weight in gold.

Creating a Media Buying Plan for Your Vancouver Area Business

Seeing the digital world as a tool is simple enough, but understanding it is more complicated than that. After 35 years in the industry, our marketing experts know the process inside and out. Partnering with the Original Fusion for your media planning and buying needs creates a strategy to maximize reach while minimizing your budget. Instead of simply being a service, media buying is a science. The first stage of media marketing is to identify a target audience, as well as the best way to reach them. Each age group and demographic has a preferred media method. This means reaching them effectively requires research. Placing an advertisement in the Sunday newspaper isn’t always effective for younger generations, while social media marketing won’t work for all mature audiences.

The purpose of strategic planning and buying is to get the most bang for your buck. It is easy to rent a billboard or purchase air time on tv or radio, but that doesn’t necessarily mean success. Assessing prime time for target audiences will differ based on mediums, areas and social calendars. Instead of throwing money out the window, make the most of your budget while growing your business.

More Than Just Ad Space

On its own, ad space is just rotating real estate. Everyone knows that the real estate game is all about location, location, location. Using a professional service does more than secure ad space, but maximizes visibility while balancing price and placement. Aligning with The Original Fusion means becoming part of a network of local business owners and media specialists. The expert Vancouver media buyers at The Original Fusion have already put in the leg work for you. Specialists also investigate current and emerging trends in order to use them to our client’s advantage.

Creating a proper network is hard, so why not jump into an already established web of media outlets and connections? Even after years of working in Vancouver, BC, there is no guaranteeing that you will have the reach to gain the exposure that your business needs. The Original Fusion has long-standing relationships with some of the most well-known names in local media. From TSN to Virgin Radio, daytime television and even late-night radio shows. With such a wide range of industry networks, there is no demographic that is out of reach!

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