Influencer Marketing

Choosing an influencer with similar core values to yours creates a bond
that becomes profitable for both parties.

In an increasingly online marketplace, the internet proves to be the most important marketing tool around. Having the knowledge that net is king is not enough to use this tool correctly. For every question that you might have about the proper way to expand the online presence of your brand, there is an influencer who has already harnessed the power of this public space to their advantage.

What Makes An Influencer

Internet influencers are those individuals with a dynamic web presence and a few hundred thousand followers. Influencers have built a whole community based around themselves, their likes, dislikes and values. These influencers have a direct line to a wide range of your target audience, so creating a bridge can mean a whole new world of prospective clients. Unlike other forms of advertising, influencer marketing is not as simple as writing a cheque. The process of influencer marketing is a selective process on both parts. There is a lot that goes into building a reputation. For an influencer, building a steady following is a “slow-and-steady” process, in a fragile environment. Social media followings are fickle and can be dismantled far more easily than they are constructed.

Utilizing Influencer Marketing

Finding an influencer whose values align with your own is one thing, but reaching out is another one all together. Simply approaching one of these internet personalities will often not yield the results that you want. With thousands of followers, messages and comments flood the pages and profiles of well-known personalities. Standing out amongst the crowd is a necessary practice in order to make contact and align yourself with these potential supporters. A well-rounded marketing firm like The Original Fusion comes equipped with top-of-the-line marketing tools, but our strongest asset is our team. Our Public Relations team has over a decade of experience in building relationships and are experts in communication. With leading lifestyle experts for TSN, Park Royal and Global News, Fusion keeps a finger on the pulse and will never steer you wrong.

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