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The Original Fusion is a full-service creative group based out of Vancouver, Canada. The media gurus at Fusion are committed to helping build businesses, not only in and around our community, but globally. Fusion has taken classic forms and themes of advertising and transformed them to fit the modern, tech-accessible world, able to bring your business into the digital age.

How We Work

In an already booming market, The Original Fusion sets itself apart through commitment to community, client relations and (above all else) results! Through years of experience, the media mavens at Fusion are able to guide clients through the inception of web or media presence and into advertising and development. After years of experience in the industry, our media mavens are able to both build and cultivate website, advertisements that are catered to intended demographics. It is this research and attention to detail that keeps The Original Fusion a leader in the field.

When dealing with both large and small businesses, it is important to plan ahead for any scenario and budget. By allocating your media budget into the proper and most effective channels, marketing campaigns are able to stretch your resources, achieving maximum reach through a variety of media.

Modernized Advertising

Traditional methods of marketing and advertising might have worked in the past, but the staff at Fusion are always looking to the future. Instead of stopping at newspaper ads, or television spots, Fusion can provide an all-encompassing media strategy for every client. Tech-oriented approaches such as SEO, GoogleAds, and social media advertising are the latest and greatest in marketing techniques, and are a necessity for emerging businesses. By building communities around services or products, each follower can be made into a customer or client.


Our company operates a chain comprised of 19 clinics and we do a lot of marketing.  Rob Rees and the team at The Original Fusion have made our job so much easier in planning, organizing and implementing our marketing campaigns.  We are always impressed with their dedication and knowledge.

I hired Rob Rees from The Original Fusion as my advertising agent 2 years ago and I am extremely pleased with the relationship we have established.  As the agent negotiating my radio contracts, I can honestly say that he always puts his clients needs first and foremost.I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Rob and his team at The Original Fusion.

Working with Fusion has helped bring synergy and focus to our Digital Marketing efforts while also ensuring it supported our overall marketing strategy and branding message.  Prior to working with Fusion we had barely tapped the potential of Digital Marketing.  Just over a year later we have significantly increased our lead inquiries and have subsequently reduced our traditional advertising budget.Throughout our working relationship, our Digital Project manager was always accessible for monthly planning and review meetings and demonstrated flexibility and quick response times when changes were needed.  Monthly reporting documents were thorough and provided a quick snap shot summary putting context to stats along with recommendations going forward.It has been a pleasure working with Fusion.  Their work has been invaluable in providing results and making my time more efficient as a Marketing Manager.

I have an exceptional relationship with Rob Rees and The Original Fusion who over time have proven to be an agency I can trust and rely on with complete confidence. They are highly knowledgeable, experienced, friendly and professional; experts I can truly count on to help optimize my marketing dollars and maximize my company exposure.

I was originally referred to Rob Rees & Fusion by a former client of mine who advised me that he had received tremendous service and success in developing a marketing plan with Fusion that more than doubled his gross revenues over the course of two to three years of advertising & marketing with Fusion.  I met with Rob to discuss a potential marketing plan for my law firm. I was immediately struck by Rob’s enthusiasm, and depth of knowledge and media savvy strategies.  The Fusion team did a complete revamp of my website making it very attractive and mobile friendly and steadily increasing our monthly hits and click throughs and conversions over the past 2 years.Rob has led me through a very successful radio campaign and further into TV ads and even getting my firm plastered across a 50-foot tractor trailer. He has negotiated advantageous advertising packages that have included me being interviewed bimonthly on radio and during Global News hour broadcasts in addition to my daily TV and radio ads thereby creating a brand recognition for my firm that has been highly successful.The Fusion marketing campaign for my firm through media and the internet has been incredibly impactful with many new clients coming to us each week.  Our gross revenues in 2018 are projected to be close to double the revenues we had in 2017 and almost triple what we had in 2016 and we have grown from a 3-lawyer firm to a 9-lawyer firm over that period having to expand our office space twice during that time to accommodate the increased business.Rob continues to impress me and remains an active partner in our ongoing advertising with Rob frequently making suggestions for new spots and marketing strategies as we grow.  I could not be happier and I highly recommend Rob Rees & Fusion to any company wanting to think outside the box and looking to expand through internet marketing and other media/digital advertising.

I’ve been working with Rob Rees for 8 years and would highly recommend him, and the Fusion team to any local company. He will take the time to understand your business and find the best fit for reaching your demographic. I’ve always felt he goes above and beyond to get us the best results possible and gives a great deal of personal care and attention to his clients. He will truly appreciate your business, and champion your business to thrive.

Collaborating with Rob and the Fusion team has been a great experience. From conception to implementation to execution, Fusion’s professionalism and brand integration really shines through. Together we have worked hard to create some very creative and innovative solutions. A partnership that really helps Fusion clients stand out from the crowd.

I’ve worked with Fusion for the last couple years. Super easy to work with, efficient in looking after billing and have helped me connect with new clients. Enjoy working with them.

Hey it’s Jon McComb from CKNW’s Jon McComb Show. It’s been my pleasure to work alongside the great people at Fusion Communications Group because of their superior work ethic and total dedication to delivering results for clients! I’ve worked with Dean Mailey and Co. on many campaigns over the years and am always knocked out by their creativity, attention to detail and commitment to quality! Fusion is home to the Pros!!

Dean Mailey and Fusion Communications Group define integrity, client commitment and trust in relationship development with talent executing campaigns. As a national broadcaster I have worked with Dean and Fusion Communications Group and would not hesitate to do so again.