About Us

Our agency is comprised of creators and skilled individuals
who have worked with multinational companies from across the globe.

The Original Fusion is a full-service creative group based out of Vancouver, Canada. The media gurus at The Original Fusion are committed to helping build businesses, not only in and around our community, but globally. The Original Fusion has taken classic forms and themes of advertising and transformed them to fit the modern, tech-accessible world, able to bring your business into the digital age.

How We Work

In an already booming market, The Original Fusion sets itself apart through commitment to community, client relations and (above all else) results! Through years of experience, the media mavens at The Original Fusion are able to guide clients through the inception of web or media presence and into advertising and development. After years of experience in the industry, our media mavens are able to both build and cultivate website, advertisements that are catered to intended demographics. It is this research and attention to detail that keeps The Original Fusion a leader in the field.

When dealing with both large and small businesses, it is important to plan ahead for any scenario and budget. By allocating your media budge into the proper and most effective channels, marketing campaigns are able to stretch your resources, achieving maximum reach through a variety of media.

Modernized Advertising

Traditional methods of marketing and advertising might have worked in the past, but the staff at The Original Fusion are always looking to the future. Instead of stopping at newspaper ads, or television spots, Fusion can provide an all-encompassing media strategy for every client. Tech-oriented approaches such as SEO, GoogleAds, Adwords and social media advertising are the latest and greatest in marketing techniques, and are a necessity for emerging businesses. By building communities around services or products, each follower can be made into a customer or client.


Dean Mailey and Fusion Communications Group define integrity, client commitment and trust in relationship development with talent executing campaigns. As a national broadcaster I have worked with Dean and Fusion Communications Group and would not hesitate to do so again.

"Working with Dean Mailey and the Fusion team has been a real pleasure. Every project is approached with professionalism, humour and a true spirit of collaboration. In terms of a client's expectations and their performance, Fusion embodies the phrase "above and beyond".

“In my 40 plus years in the media and communications, I have never met a sharper mind when it comes to (1) identifying top talent (2) deploying resources efficiently (3) identifying the correct advertising platforms, and most important (4) creating media campaigns that identify and motivate customers to engage.“

"I have been a client of Fusion for over 15 years. Fusion has helped reach my sales goals for my companies. Dean has been a straight shooter with his info on advertising media. My best ads and response have been his brainchild."

“We consider Fusion Communications to an extension of our leadership team – not “simply” an agency acting on our behalf. We feel this way from the pro-active, thoughtful, competent and professional work that we receive from engaging Fusion Communications. We are consistently impressed by the quality and value of the opportunities that Fusion brings to us, and we also appreciate the cooperative and responsive nature of the engagement.“

"With Fusion we have found a full service shop that unifies all of our brand messaging through social and traditional media where we drive traffic back to the website and our social platforms for the purpose of capturing user data and retargeting consumers to drive additional trial and increase frequency."

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